Monday, April 12, 2010

Organizing Services

Helping people whose clutter is driving them crazy — and helping the mostly organized do even better.

Would you like to:

■Stop buying replacements for things you own but can't find?
■Have space to work on your kitchen countertop?
■Have room to park your car in your garage?
■Stop paying late charges on bills that get misplaced?
■No longer have "scary closets" or "scary rooms"?
■Stop fighting with your spouse or partner about the clutter?
■Find the buried treasures?

Or maybe you are already pretty organized, but:

■There's still a problem area that just doesn't work — a dysfunctional closet, for example.
■You have the nagging feeling you could use your space better.

I can help you develop and implement an organizing scheme that will work for your particular personality and needs. Together, we can eliminate the clutter and keep it from coming back.

My clients include:

■Lawyers, educators, medical professionals, high-tech workers, and other business professionals.
■Artists - both professional artists, and people who pursue art as an avocation.
■Small business owners and office managers.
■People moving into new homes, and people who still haven't fully settled in from the last move.
■People going through major life changes: marriages or other household combinations, divorces, new babies, career changes, serious illnesses, etc.
■People who were afraid to call an organizer!

Isn't it time to treat yourself to the gift of a decluttered, organized space? Being organized will:

■Save you both time and money.
■Make you happier, as you have a space that is both beautiful and functional.
■Create an environment that supports you in pursuing your dreams for the future.

Please call or email me for a price quote!

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